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  • Welcome to Presentation Excellence – a leading provider of presentation, leadership and strategic services which enable executives to achieve excellence in their professional endeavors.

  • A decade ago, a multi-billion dollar company called for help with a presentation that already was closing 92% their prospective deals; the client wanted an outside expert's input because "if it can close just one percent more deals, it will be worth millions". That day, Presentation Excellence was founded to help this client and others who set high goals, and will do whatever-it-takes to change mindsets, skill-sets and system enablers to achieve success.

  • Since then, we've had the privilege of serving thousands of leaders and mangers, responsible for corporate direction, finance, sales, marketing, customer service, human resources, etc. at a wide range of firms, including Fortune 500 firms, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Investor & Public Relations Firms, Non-Profits, Associations, and public and private firms specializing in manufacturing, retail, technology, health care, etc.
  • Presentation Excellence specializes in:
    • Training presenters to deliver powerful, impactful presentations
    • Coaching senior executives to be more effective leaders and project a leader presence
    • Empowering executives through keynote speeches, skills-focused workshops, facilitating "management advances to achieve excellence in their professional endeavors

    We've helped clients pitch and win sales opportunities that exceed $100 Million+. Having mastered clients' content, strategy and presentation needs, we to become "trusted advisors" to many clients, helping them execute the plans. We do so through the Presentation Excellence Group, through includes affiliates with teams focused on providing different types of leadership and business development skills. This enables us to continue providing coaching and consultation to address new challenges as time goes on.
  • Jerry Cahn Ph.D., J.D, president of Presentation Excellence and Chairman of the Presentation Excellence Group, serves as our primary advisor, coach, consultant, public speaker and trainer. He leads all corporate and open-to-the-public workshops (e.g., Present Like a Pro); he also coordinates and participates in programs provided by our affiliated companies An attorney and psychologist, he serves as a professor for CUNY (Baruch) and USST (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology) business strategy, leadership and negotiations For more information see Jerry Cahn.

  • Presentation Excellence Group affiliates include:
  • Whatever your professional challenge, let us know, so we can discuss how best to meet your needs.

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