We offer a number of other special workshops for clients. Below are a few.

Persuasive Sales Pitches

  • What's your closing rate? If you read our About Us, you'll know it was a company which was unhappy with a 92% closing rate that launched our company. If you're not yet part of the "93%+ club", maybe it's time to create more compelling presentations and deliver them more persuasively.

  • Our corporate workshops and 1-on-1 consulting focus on helping you and your sales team develop and deliver killer sales presentations:
    • Focus on the client's needs - What pain needs to be eliminated or gain achieved?
    • Demonstrate your expertise - Explore alternative solutions and recommend the best one for the client
    • Counterpunch - Position your company as #1 and set up competitors for failure.
    • Prove your added-value - Deliver a professional presentation powerfully, as a role model and trusted advisor.
    • Close - Demonstrate your company's added-value so the prospect wants to be your client, now.
  • In our corporate workshops, we focus on building a standard template for proposals and presentation which can be customized to meet each client and sales person's unique needs. We also focus on enabling members of the team to share their special skills (e.g., design, speaking, and demonstrations) with others, to enable all sales people to be more effective.

  • If it's time for you to ratchet-up individual sales skills and group performance, contact us to discuss a workshop or executive coaching.

Perfecting Negotiation Skills

  • How do you get what you want? Everyone, everyday negotiates in our personal and business lives. However, few people ever learn Negotiations 102 and master the strategies and techniques needed for effectiveness. Leaders get to the top of their profession by practicing and perfecting their negotiation skills. And we help them through our corporate workshops and 1-on-1 coaching.

  • Our approach is unique. We view each negotiation as consisting of these key elements:
    • Sales process in which they buyer and seller both try to persuade the other to their proposition.
    • Exchange process in which different values, including those not initially on the table, are brought in to reach a conclusion.
    • Presentation skills needed to deliver messages succinctly and powerfully, while developing a relationship (often consisting of trust) with the other parties.
  • By learning basic principles and practicing the skills necessary to become a successful negotiator, you get the chance to perfect your negotiation skills. We focus on influence strategies that facilitate sales of both the initial proposition and different values. We review a number of tactics or gambits which psychologically facilitate the acceptance of an exchange. The key is scenario planning: reviewing common scenarios and role playing real ones you will encounter, so you can practice and perfect your skills.

  • If it's time to advance your skills and get what you want - increasing sales and/or profits, hiring a desired candidate, and/or getting a position - schedule a workshop or individual coaching.

Referral Marketing Systems

  • 80% of all people who are satisfied with a business will provide referrals; that means 80% of clients who understand your business and want you to succeed, will do the same – making it the most cost-effective way to grow your company. The question is: What are you doing to encourage and enable them to do so?

  • Referral marketing is a system which you use daily to encourage and enable both customers and colleagues to become "Referrers" – people who inform and persuade Target users (people you'd like to be customers) to consider using your product/services.

  • If your company is looking to adopt a Referral Marketing System and grow your company cost-effectively, then contact us. After we understand your unique needs, we'll propose a consulting/coaching program which your company can use to boost referrals significantly for years to come!

For each of these programs, and any other special programs you'd like for your staff or association members, contact Dr. Cahn directly: jerrycahn@presentationexcellence.com.

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