Jerry Cahn

His career highlights include:
  • Working on Capitol Hill addressing health care legislation
  • Turning around a public company (stock rose 10X)
  • Co-founding a 24/7 presentation graphics service firm (which serviced 5000+ clients)
  • Co-founding an investor investor/public relations firm (focused on technology firms)
  • Chairing Vistage New York to service local CEOs and Trusted Advisors

Speaking and Consulting

  • Our President and CEO, Jerry Cahn Ph.D., J.D., serves as our primary advisor, coach, consultant, public speaker and trainer. An attorney and psychologist, he teaches people how to be better at presentations, business strategy, leadership, marketing, sales, negotiations, etc. through keynotes, workshops, webinars and university professorships (e.g., CUNY Baruch and USST- University of Shanghai for Science and Technology).

  • Dr. Cahn is a sought-after-speaker, providing keynote addresses, leading workshops, hosting webinars and teleseminars and serving as an expert guest on radio, TV and web. With his extensive experience, he addresses a wide range of topics that are important to leaders within virtually all segments of the economy. He focuses on educating, engaging and encouraging audiences to apply what they learn. For those ready to go to the next level - obtain training and advice to perfect new mind-sets, skill-sets and system-enablers and measure the impact, Dr. Cahn serves as a consultant.

  • Below are some of the topics he has addressed in the past several years:
    • Board Presentations: Project a Leader Presence
    • Master the Art and Science of Presentation Excellence
    • Virtual Investor Presentations
    • Advanced Negotiation Strategies to Help You Get What You Want!
    • Killer Sales Proposals: Develop & Deliver a Winning Proposal
    • Referral Marketing: More Business through Customers & Colleagues
    • Creativity and Innovation - The Keys to Corporate Growth
    • Super-Mentoring: A New Way to Create a Performance Culture
    • Use Commanding Strategies to Dominate Competitors
    • Exponential (10X) Organizations: Learn from Them to Accelerate Your Growth
  • Visit for the archives of the most recent webinars, produced through our affiliate, Better Way Workshops and Webinars.

To discuss implementing these solutions for your company, contact Dr. Cahn directly:

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