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More Evidence that “Less Is More”
Allen Root, a writer for Barron’s (part of Dow Jones) recently made an observation concerning earnings reports. While not a scientific study, he identified an important pattern concerning the length of earnings PowerPoint presentations. The lengthier the slide deck, the poorer the performance... Read More
Want More Innovation? Focus on the Team
In a recent post on Innovation Weekly, Tamara Chandour noted that “team innovation is the secret sauce to a business’s success.” As we discuss in some of our vistage CEo meetings, that means, removing the barriers and getting a team to innovate on a regular basis, not just at creative off-site meetings once a quarter. It means creating a culture of supporting innovators and understanding...Read More
Challenge Assumptions to Spur Innovation
Looking to unleash creativity and generate insights for innovations? In The Four Lenses of Innovation Rowan Gibson identifies four approaches that can be used. They are:Challenge Orthodoxies – Are the deeply held dogmas inside your company and industry, outdated, unnecessary, or just plain wrong?...Read More
Learning from Failures
Most of our lives, we try to learn best practices used by successful people and companies. As parents, we identify successful people that our children can use as role models. Teachers of leadership and strategy focus students on companies that succeed because of their commitment to excellence in strategic design, execution, customer service, employee...Read More
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