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December 2014 NEWSLETTER

Ecosystems Are Better Ways

Apple's use of an ecosystem – a group of complementary products and services that support one another and facilitate use by customers – is one key to its success, relative to the "a-la-carte" approach, such as the rest of the computer industry used when it came to offering hardware and software...Read More

Five Key Business Growth Metrics

Executive development is key to business growth. Are you giving it enough attention? There are two important leadership requirements you need from your executive team...Read More

Four Features Of Mentoring Internships

We hear a lot about internships today but – Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) – not all internships are equal. To get the most out make sure you have a Mentoring Internship which includes these features...Read More

What Makes Us Influential?

The essence of leadership is the ability to influence others to support and implement decisions that the leader and group members perceive are necessary...Read More

Don’t Confuse Activity With Results

For example, we may have a new list of potential prospects to qualify and then import into our CRM. We know several may not be useful for several reasons, which is why some research is necessary, and we know that we have a time deadline for getting a meaningful number of qualified leads into the system so the next step – actually using the list to reach the prospects...Read More

We Wish You The Happiest of Holiday Seasons

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