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October 2016 NEWSLETTER

How Wide is Your Perspective?

When I train my clients to become effective negotiators, I focus their attention on a key strategy to success: expanding the “size of the table; in other words, identifying other related items that meet the needs to the parties and facilitate a negotiated solution. All too often, we wear blinders which narrow our perspective... Read More

Great Intern Mentors Are Likely to Become Superbosses

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is engaging its worker; one solution is to understand the characteristics of a very special group of leaders, who Sydney Finkelstein calls "superbosses", and nurture them to do what they like to do - engage and grow their team... Read More

What Else are We Missing? The Value of Diverse Perspectives

Imagine you want to improve a cell phone camera's imaging solution. Think of all the issues you might consider: Typical answers relate to the optics of the camera: resolution, processing of light, AWB (the auto while balance algorithm). Did you also consider addressing the microphones? ... Read More

Innovation Using the 2% Solution

For years, I've been teaching leaders about the many ooptiosn other companies are using to harness its employees’ creativity and generate innovative solutions. For instance, 3M is famous for giving its employees up to 15% of their paid time to work on challenges that could lead to innovations for their company. Intuit does the same, while Google goes one step further - 20%... Read More


Today, over 60M people are 60+ years old; by 2050, they'll be 20% of America. For people who want to live longer, healthier and happier, there's a new community platform where they can engage with peers, experts and providers for information, inspiration and support to take charge and live better to 100+. Visit:

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