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The Courage To Lead

President Obama’s decision to “lead from behind” in Mideast foreign affairs (e.g., Libya) made me think about how important courage is for leadership..Read More

Don't Throw Out The Bathwater

As Brian Carney and Isaac Getz point out in a Wall Street Journal opinion, Google apparently has been cracking down...Read More

Is Culture Undermining Your Company?

A few weeks ago, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, announced his intention to retire. The stock rose 7% on the news...Read More

"Fake It Until You Make It" Works!

I recently read about a study that really demonstrates the power of “fake it until you make it”...Read More

Obamacare And The Two Class Standard

Recently, Mr. William Better, former secretary of education co-wrote an OpEd called "The Hypocrisy of Congress's Gold-Plated Health Care."..Read More

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Our Chairman, Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D. is an energizing public speaker who was trained as a psychologist and attorney and has an with expertise in strategy, management...Read More

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