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Create Meaningful Relationships With Customers

In The Simple Truth of Service, Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz tell a great story. Barbara was sharing with a group of front-line supermarket workers...Read More

Create A Culture That Unleashes Creativity

Over the past few years, almost every study of business leaders has found that the key to corporate growth, out-competing others...Read More

Intentionally Create The Culture You Want

In Leadership and the Art of Struggle, Steven Snyder, the author, relates a story that demonstrates the importance of creating an intentional culture...Read More

Are You Leaping Forward?

I’m always interested in learning how people challenge basic premises – common knowledge...Read More

The Leader's Role In Innovation

A.G. Lafley, former CEO of Proctor & Gamble teamed up with management guru Ram Charan to write an excellent book on Innovation...Read More

Try Thinking In New Boxes

Several weeks ago, Alan Ivy, who co-authored with Luc De Brabandere, “Thinking in New Boxes: A New Paradigm for Business Creativity"...Read More

Recognition Is The Key To Team Building

Imagine taking over a company spun-out from a Fortune 500 company, making changes in...Read More

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Our Chairman, Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D. is an energizing public speaker who was trained as a psychologist and attorney and has an with expertise in strategy, management...Read More

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