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Over the years, our newsletter has gone through numerous changes. We always strive to offer the most relevant content to you in the clearest way possible. Over the past few months, we've collected comments from our regular readers on what we might do to better serve our readers. A common theme was improving the structure of our newsletter. So, that's what we've done! We will be offering more content, and for those of you who follow our blog, articles will be available earlier in the month at Please let us know what you think! Send an email to and tell us.

Taking Ownership Increases Authenticity

As I've mentioned before, my presentation coaching covers a wide range of communications, from classic sales, marketing, investor and corporate PowerPoint presentations...Read More

Create a Culture of Execution

The hardest part of strategy is execution. To implement a strategy, people need to change their behaviors and/or values and consistently act in support of the strategic...Read More

A Matter of Trust

Earlier today I was speaking to a group about Strategy Implementation (or Execution) and we naturally discussed the importance of Culture, the norms, values...Read More

The Dark Side to the New Digital Age

In January of 2013, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, visited North Korea. A book by the same title of this article was published, and....Read More

Executive Presentation Training: Tuesday June 25

Are your presentations really working for you? Is your PowerPoint making it easier for you to get the message to the audience, or are you working hard to overcome its flaws? Will you "get through this presentation" and then try to forget it – or will it be a stepping stone in making your career?

Present like a Pro enables you to close more deals and enhance your career. Learn how to create an audience-driven Authentic presentation (ADAP).

During this program you'll practice by delivering your own presentation, and get feedback from video and the group. To promote your company, service or product - and your career, don't miss this workshop.


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