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The Power of Story

Imagine you're selling a product, service or stock in a public company. You present your logical argument: these are the features and benefits; and you support them with impressive statistics. But when you look at the audience, you realize that they're still not ready to act. So you add a supportive story and then you see the smile on your audience's face. Why did the story make it a compelling argument?

Stories added the necessary emotional ingredient. They allow the listener to visualize the central character and identify with his/her feelings thus energizing the listener to do something.

Here's an example. A new CEO discovers that there organization has highly bureaucratic. Telling people that simple requisitions that could be processed in days are taking months, doesn't motivate anyone. They all experienced similar frustrations. Then he adds a story about how the system produced a lack of supplies, which forced the department to lay off people temporarily; how one such mother, who was the sole support of her family, now was skimping on food and other essentials to survive; how her daughter Emily was falling behind in school because of the impact on her. Suddenly, everyone is energized to do something - and action follows.

The story whether it's the employee suffering, customer elated by an experience or investor taking a risk engages the audience at an emotional level that demands closure. And that produces the decision to buy/sell, etc.

So, to produce compelling presentations, include stories about the relevant experiences of your customers, clients, investors, employees, strategic partners, etc. Help your audience feel their pains and pleasures, and you'll find the emotional link will accelerate the closing of the deal.

Deliver Powerful Virtual Presentations

As our workforce increasing becomes global and virtual, the need to master the art of virtual presentations has increased. Regardless of which provider you use (e.g., GoToMeeting and WebEx) the issue is clear: is your audience getting the message you intend, so they will take the desired action.

In the early days of PowerPoint, many people thought that they could simply transfer typing skills to produce effective presentations. The results produced overly text-based images, and the common experience of "Death by PowerPoint".

Similarly, material designed for face-to-face presentations may not work using virtual media, and must be adapted. Remember that in virtual presentations: The audience is not captive, as they might be in a group setting where speaker and audience share eye-contact. At their desks, participants often are multi-tasking. Reduced attention makes it more difficult to "fill in the blanks" when things aren't 100% clear. Therefore:

  • Greater attention needs to go into the structure
    • Outline the material so the audience sees the road map
    • Summarize long sections
    • Provide concrete conclusions and action steps
  • Be succinct attention spans are brief. No section should go longer than the time between TV commercials (5-7 minutes)
  • Use text sparingly. No-one wants to read 1000 words. Use active and engaging text (e.g., sales skyrocketed (not increased) No-one wants to sit and read a slide full of text
  • Use powerful graphics to grab attention and describe complex ideas
  • Integrate logic and emotions into a compelling argument. In a close argument, people make decisions because of their emotional reaction - Do they trust the speaker? Will the benefits of action outweigh the risks? - and then they use the logic to rationalize the decision.
  • Involve the audience pose questions, even rhetorical ones, thereby encouraging the person to stay curious
  • Enunciate and vary your tempo and pace. It's your slides and your speech that are going to keep the audience glued to your presentation

In a face-to-face presentation, some people ask questions out of politeness. This norm doesn't occur in virtual presentations; therefore, your presentation should raise "next step" issues that the audience may want to resolve before leaving. That leads to a great Q&A session, which allows you to truly demonstrate your expertise. Conclude with contact information, so the audience can follow-up with you.

Finally, control your setting so you are as comfortable as you can be. test the equipment and the provider's platform; rehearse delivering the presentation. Keep water available. Sit upright (not too comfortable) or even stand a you present to generate them most energy. Remember, you're selling the audience on an idea so you need to transfer your enthusiasm!

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Workshop Invitation!
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  • Use a Structure which organizes the material to lead the audience to take the desired action.
  • Use a Style of powerful words & graphics to engage audiences and not bore them!
  • Harness critical Speaking skills to overcome fears, exude confidence and demonstrate your competence.
  • Be aware of the Set-Up: the audience's needs, your ability to present effectively, and where the meeting will take place.

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