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January 2016 NEWSLETTER

Negotiation Strategies When Representing Others

Whether you're selling or buying, a product, service or idea, after the initial presentation, you inevitably are involved with negotiating. One of the classic books on the topic, Getting to Yes, focuses the reader on reframing an adversary situation... Read More

Seven Triggers to Unleash Creativity

I’m currently building a new, very exciting company, and scheduling workshops on creativity, innovation and Exponential Organizations (ExOs) and to stimulate my thought process, I decided to re-read some books... Read More

Stand Up to Persuasion Strategies

Robert Cialdini is the leading social psychologist on strategies we can use to influence people to buy our ideas, services and/or products. In his classic, Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion, he notes several "Principles"... Read More

It Takes More than Willpower

Many of us have the belief that, with a little more willpower, we would accomplish our goals and dreams. If only it was so easy! The reality of change is that it's difficult, and we don't recognize... Read More

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