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Six Principles for Persuasive Communications
How do you get acceptance for an important message? Brent Gleeson, in Taking Point, identified six basic principles that apply to most of us. Heeding them will let to more persuasive communications. Keep it short and simple. To accept your message, a person has to understand it and be able to share it in a variety of formats, with other people who are part of their decision-making team... Read More
Drive Accountability for Success
As companies get larger, and people work on diverse projects remotely, the need to hold people accountable is increasing. The old system of annual reviews, which gets lip-service, but provides little meaningful feedback for growth and only has consequences when things go seriously wrong, is being fired at employee-centric companies. They need to have individuals working in-sync to achieve the corporate mission and goals. In the Accountable for Success...Read More
The Key to Success is Preparation, Not Planning
We often talk about the need for mission-critical plans: we launch business with a business plan, we initiate a strategy with a strategic plan. Yet we've all heard that the plan often isn't worth more than the paper it's printed on. As the saying goes: no plan survives first contact with the enemy...Read More
7 Ways to Avoid Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes
We usually think of entrepreneurs as being young adults (e.g., 20-30). In fact, the Kauffman Foundation tracks entrepreneurship, and finds that the largest cohort is older adults approaching traditional retirement age. (Not surprising, when you realize that many are SharExers, people who like to share their experiences and expertise, have identified market needs, and have the time and resources to start a company.)...Read More


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