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UNcompelling Presentations: What a Shame!

I was there at the beginning. It was exciting: a new technology – computer-generated presentation graphics that could unleash people’s potential to present more effectively. It could empower smaller companies whose ideas and expertise deserved to win competitions to do so, against...Read More

Learning from Leaders Under Pressure

Making leadership decisions is not easy – which is why so much time and attention is given to the subject by leadership programs, ranging from school-based ones to organizations that specialize in it, such as Vistage Worldwide (for whom I serve as a Chair of New York groups). Over the years, I’ve found...Read More

The Power of Analogies

We all use analogies. As a teacher and coach, I use them to help my audiences understand a point more quickly and powerfully. As an attorney, I seek out analogies to predict which existing laws, should serve as precedent in a specific case. As a psychologist, I seek out analogies...Read More

Companies Tap Fountains of Age

At a Brooks Brothers factory in Queens, workers manufacture more than 1.5 million neckties each year. While the clothing retailer’s neckwear is conventional, the factory’s workforce isn’t: Of 222 employees, 52% are 55 years old or older.“The skills [these] people bring to the table are very difficult to find,” said Luis Nava, the factory’s director of operations. “We find that a lot of younger people aren’t interested in learning the craft.”...Read More

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About Us

Presentation Excellence is the leading training/coaching firm helping leaders produce and deliver winning fund-raising, sales, marketing & board presentations. The Presentation Excellence Group was later formed to help our clients apply the leadership and strategy issues addressed in their presentations. recognize the Group for excellence in the Leadership Partners & Providers Category.

Our chairman, Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D., is a "trusted advisor" to C-level leaders who value his leader and business development expertise, and his ability to inspire and mobilize groups for action. He and his colleagues formed teams to provide strategic company consulting, presentation training, leadership coaching, and public speaking services to take leaders to their next level of success. He is a Chair for Vistage Worldwide, which services 21,000 CEOs ...Read More

Over the past 25 years, the Presentation Excellence team provided 5000+ clients with presentation training services and strategic consulting to implement the results of wins!

If you are a C-level Executive who wants to POLISH your presentation skills and WIN more deals, call for a private 1-on-1 coaching session with Dr. Cahn at 646-290-7664!

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