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Presentation Quality Beats Quantity
Sometimes, people make the mistake of thinking that by adding more mediocre work, we can achieve better results. Quantity does not compensate for quality. Unnecessary information is distractive and reduces the impact. Limits are often set for presentations (e.g., pages in a RFP ... Read More
Getting to “Yes” in Presentations
Always on the lookout for strategies and tactics that can help presenters close more deals, here’s an approach which Adam Grant (in Originals: How Nonconformists Move the World) calls: the Sarick Effect. When developing a presentation, most of us focus on: Identifying the key message we want to communicate (using the ADAP formula) so it’s compelling...Read More
EQ vs Technical Skills: What Really Matters for Career Advancement
Recently, Google decided to data-mine their own employee reviews and promotions to identify what factors got people promoted to leadership roles within the company. While Google has a reputation for hiring and promoting based on technical expertise, the results surprised them....Read More
The 4 Most Important Leadership Behaviors
When I work with presentation clients, the starting point is to identify what’s the most important thing the audience needs to know to get them to act in the desired manner (e.g., invest in the company pitching the deal). Reading a McKinsey article, Decoding Leadership: What Really Matters, I realized...Read More
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