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Powerful Presentation Are Great Conversations
ADAP – Audience-Driven, Authentic Presentations – is the powerful formula that our Presentation Excellence team has been sharing with clients over the past years and helping them develop and deliver winning presentations. It took us two decades, working with over 5000 clients to arrive at this simple truth: When you focus on the audience’s needs for information to make decisions, your entire presentation – in terms of content, structure, design and delivery – is improved significantly... Read More
The Marshmallow Challenge’s Implications for Your Company
Have you heard of the Marshmallow Tower Challenge? It was devised by Peter Skillman and Tom Wujec, and has been presented as talk on TED.com (see “Build a Tower, Build a Team”). This challenge has been presented to many groups; what’s important for us, as company leaders, is to understand how different groups of players do and what the implications say for the level of executive team collaboration....Read More
Presentation Tips from TED Researchers
Given the popularity of TED talks, many researchers check the popularity of its speakers to identify presentation tips that tend to be more successful than others. Here are some findings reported by Lindsay Kolowich based on research by Vanessa Van Edwards and her team. ...Read More
Four Features Of Mentoring Internships
We hear a lot about internships today but – Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) – not all internships are equal. To get the most out make sure you have a Mentoring Internship which includes these features. Youth unemployment and underemployment is at twice the rate of adults....Read More
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