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February 2019 NEWSLETTER
Afraid of Public Speaking?
One of the most common fears people have is getting in front of people to perform. A book was published many years ago offering an alternative – “I’d Rather Die Than Give a Speech” – but not a desirable one. The real issue whether to confront the fear. What do you really want from life? Helen Keller noted that “Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outight exposure; the fearful are caught as often as the bold.” ... Read More
The 8 Step Process for Leading Change
John P. Kotter recently updated his classic, Leading Change, and I re-read it. With my focus on strategy execution lately (see blog items on ETW), I thought I’d share some points everyone should take away....Read More
Bill Gates and the Tools for Change.
In his book The Most Powerful Idea in the World, William Rosen notes that harnessing steam power required many innovations, including the ability to measure the engines’ energy output of engines and a micrometer that could gauge tiny distances. With these tools, inventors could see if their incremental design changes led to the improvements, such as higher...Read More
If You Can’t Solve it, Redefine it
Recently, a Wall Street Journal headline grabbed my attention. “Obama Resets War on Terror”. The article observes that since there seems to be no end in sight on how American (and its allies) is going to put an end to terrorism, he is...Read More
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