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August 2019 Newsletter
Presentation Skills are More Important Today
As we’ve noted in several prior blogs, increasingly what’s important to success isn’t the “technical” (hard) skills, but the human interactions (soft) skills, especially communication and collaboration. Carmine Gallo, in Five Stars: The Communication Secrets to Get From Good to Great, notes a study by the Hay Group entitled “Poor communication skills hinder Millennials in the workplace. In a study of 450 HR directors in the US, China and India, 80%... Read More
Are You Truly “Audience-Driven”?
As clients and followers of Presentation Excellence know, the formula for great presentations is to be “Audience-driven, Authentic presentations” (ADAP). We’ve been teaching that for almost decades, and our proud of the clients who follow through. We thought we’d reflect on the first half of this formula that was noted in an article we spotted on B2B buying...Read More
Demand-Driven: Give Customers What They Want
Business success isn’t easy. The US Small Business Administration reports that 20% of businesses fail in their first year of operation and only 50% survive into their fifth year. What can you do to increase your odds? Lucas Miller, CEO of Echelon Copy, recently noted in an entrepreneur article three options, all of which build on the Demand-Driven Solution, that we’ve been teaching in our workshops*. They include...Read More
You Can Do Better
As Peter Drucker taught us, Leadership and management are two different things. Leaders decide on what’s the right thing to do, while managers focus on having things done right. The CEOs I work with often think they should delegate projects to others but are “afraid” they won’t be done as well. So they do it themselves or micro-manage. The cost to growth is enormous...Read More
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