Compelling Investor Presentations

  • Investors have thousands of options available; why should they choose yours?

  • Today, all investors have more often than ever before, even if they specialize in niche markets (e.g., emerging market, micro-cap medical product companies). Your mission is clear: to deliver an engaging investor presentation that provides a compelling reason to invest in your company now.

  • Presentation Excellence has over 25 years of experience working with public companies (from Fortune 500 to small companies on foreign exchanges), companies doing IPOs, M&As, seeking funds from Venture Capitalists and angels, or just attending actual or real investor conferences with the goal of gaining visibility and new investors. Using our expertise in presentations, business strategy, investor/public relations, and leading companies (including public ones, we provide the coaching and consulting necessary to address these five key issues:
    • Substance - What's Important Now to understand your Market, Product/Service, Customer Base, Sales/Marketing/Distribution system, Strategy for future growth, Management team's expertise to handle inevitable speed-bumps, and Financials which prove you can do what you claim you can. We eliminate distractive information
    • Succinct - keep it short and to the point; attention spans are short!
    • Style - how to make the presentation engaging and compelling
    • Speaking skills - Your ability to present powerfully and persuasively; coaching you to transfer your enthusiasm - which is the key to sales.
    • Setting - how to adapt the presentation to large audiences, small groups, 1-on-ones and webinars.
  • If you want to increase investor participation to fuel your company's growth, contact us for an Investor Presentation Check-up, contact Dr. Cahn directly:

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