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If you want to build content-focused, concise and compelling presentations that are delivered persuasively and powerfully, so you can close more deals, advance your career and improve people’s lives, then speak to us. The Presentation Excellence team has worked with over 5000 of the most demanding clients for over two decades, specializing in “mission critical” Board, M&A, IPO, investor, sales, marketing and management presentations.

It’s the breadth and depth of our expertise – the ability to fully understand your content, mastery of the art and science of compelling presentation design, and unsurpassed expertise in message delivery – that gives you a unique presentation competitive advantage. Through our corporate training programs, public workshops, one-on-one project consultation, you, too, can learn how to use our ADAP (Audience-Driven, Authentic Presentations) formula to win!

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After you achieve your goal, let us help you execute on the promise with the business and leader
development services available through Presentation Excellence Group.

I interviewed many of the well known firms in the presentation industry to improve our trainers' presentation skills. All of the other firms had canned workshops ..."
"Thank you for helping us win the $100 Million Courthouse project! After participating in your sales training program for senior executives in NYC, I realized that ..." More