I interviewed many of the well known firms in the presentation industry to improve our trainers' presentation skills. All of the other firms had canned workshops and that is all they offered. Presentation Excellence realized the uniqueness of our needs and Jerry took the initiative to do the research required. He attend one of our programs to hear the presentation (and) observe how participants responded to our training. He then developed a customized format that clearly met our needs. He made a presentation to the group discussing what makes up a good presentation, then listened to, video-taped and critiqued each instructor's presentation. All of Jerry's competitors, by the way, wanted our instructors to present their material, rather than the material that they were comfortable with, which in my mind, was a negative … In my opinion, the single most important thing that Jerry did was to learn our business. While working with our Instructors, he never talked down to them, recognizing and applauding the fact that they were the experts in their field.
Tom Harley

Thank you for helping us win the $100 Million Courthouse project! After participating in your sales training program for senior executives in NYC, I realized that if each team applied your principles concerning how to focus our message and deliver an integrated presentation, we'd improve our skills and close more deals – and we did! A note of feedback on your style – it works! By first addressing the content and message, and then having us practice in front of the video camera, we are less nervous when we present. Your approach on getting our team to introduce ourselves to the other side, really does give us an ability to feel confident and interact more effectively to meet specific needs of the committee members.
DPW – Tishman Construction

I wanted to let you know that (my company) was given the award for Best Expansion Stage Company... at the annual northeast venture fair. 50 companies were chosen to make 3 minute presentations to 150 VCs and awards were given for the Best Start-up Company and the Best Expansion Stage Company. There is no question that my presentation benefited enormously from the lessons I learned from you last year and I wanted to acknowledge and thank you for that.

When we decided to schedule a training program for our instructors, we contacted a number of organizations. Jerry immediately explained that Presentation Excellence tailors training programs to our needs, asked for copies of our material, and offered to sit in on one of our classes to see how the current curriculum operates. Everyone else wanted to sell me their canned programs. That narrowed the field immediately…and we made the right choice. Thanks again, for a great job!. The instructors raved about your program throughout the meeting. I think we scored a grand slam!
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